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Renoly Santiago
(Actor, Singer Dangerous Minds, Con Air & Broadway)
"OMG Everybody!!! I just had the best experience at the dentist ever at Omni Dental Care! Take it from someone who's been to top dentists who work on 'stars' that weren't that great. This dentist is awesome and he and his staff are so nice! They are in Brooklyn but worth the trip. The price is great and it's run like a Beverly Hills dental office. When I was done they were so gracious and not only because of my profession, because they treated others there just the same. Doctor Diana Krinker and Doctor Oleg Borshch rock the house!!! Before I left, I was telling Paulina the receptionist how pleased I was when I saw a signed picture of Karina Smirnoff from Dancing With the Stars. They worked on her and Maks too. They are so good, actors, singers, anybody who wants an amazing dentist, check them out!!! I wanted to dance down the freezing street and flash my pearly whites! LOL Had to shout them out! Thank you doctors!!!"

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Simon Goldenberg
"Omni dental is the best! I have been a patient of theirs for 10 years and can personally say that they go above and beyond the standard level of service. I travel from long island to their brooklyn office without hesitation. Not only can you count on them to help make your smile beautiful, you can always rely on being greeted with a big smile by all the doctors and staff, especially Polina. A++ Excellent. Ditch your dentist and go to Dr. Krinker and Dr. Borshch! You won't regret it."

Dina Zoleo
"Omni Dental changed my life! I didn't smile for years because my teeth were horrible and I cried all the time about it. They made me feel self-conscience and so embarrassed. I dreamt of having a nice smile, but didn't think it was possible. Until,one day, my mother found an Omni Dental add in the paper. I thought my smile was hopeless until I met with Dr. Borshch and he changed my life. Just like that, I had a new smile and I haven't stopped smiling since. Feeling confident is invaluable and I will always be grateful to the Omni Dental staff for helping to make my dream come true! They are the best dentists in the world and I recommend them to everyone!!!"

Zoya Spolyssov
"As a patient with a zero pain tolerance, who needs a general anesthesia on a parking lot, I truly believe this is the best Dental Office in NYC, just make an appointment and you will know what I am talking about.... I have been the patient of Omni Dental for 8-10 years or so and it is getting better and better every year, I feel confident to referral my own patients to this place when they are asking me for a "good dentist". Also, I would like to mansion a special attention (and a special price) I got few years ago after my facial injury. Oleg did an amazing job: my own parents cannot tell "what was done", I have a naturally looking smile. Thank you, Doctors! You are simply The Best!"

Lora R.
"I'm very grateful to doctors Oleg Borshch and Diana Krinker. They always help in difficult situations, and my teeth put me many times into these kinds of situations. Treatment is always painless. Dr. Borshch is very gentle, attentive to every detail and before starting any treatment always takes the time to explain what is going on. He admires the depth of his knowledge in the field of cosmetic dentistry. The staff is very friendly and the office is well equipped with the most modern equipment where I always feel like I am getting the best treatment. Wonderful experience! Highly recommend!"

Vladimir Rabinovich
"Dental office Omni Dental Care has allowed me to cope with the problems of the teeth which for a long time other dentists could not cure. This is very advanced office where you are always welcome and ready to help you at any moment. People in the office, headed by Dr. Oleg Borshch are very polite and friendly, always smile, and clearly doing their job. In a cozy atmosphere with the soft music using the most advanced equipment I have always received needed help at a high level. And I'd like to note that doctor Oleg Borshch is the doctor with gifted hands. I definitely recommend Omni Dental Care to everyone."

Ellen Rich
"I had a great long term experience with Dr. Oleg Borshch. He is always clear, considerate, honest and thorough. He listens and encourages question-asking. He even opened his office just for me when my tooth broke off on a day when his office was normally closed. He is also extremely professional in his approach to treatment recommendations and very gentle and communicative throughout his procedures, concerned with your comfort. I appreciate a doctor who prioritizes your understanding of your health. His staff is super helpful, friendly and competent. Very pleasant atmosphere in the office which makes your waiting time extremely enjoyable. This is the place where pain is no longer a concern. I highly recommend Dr. Borshch. You will have a positive dental experience!"

Jessica Joseph
"My family has been a client since 2009. Every staff member is professional and very polite. I hope I never have to see any other dentists."

Stas Leszczak
"My teeth are sparkling white from my cleaning! Thank you Omni Dental!"

Deborah Ramsey
"The best dental office in New York. I know because I go there won't break your pocket or pocketbook the people there is so nice treat you like family."

Brian Bekkerman
"The friendliest staff you'll ever meet."

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