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Hi-Tech Dentistry

We take pride in providing our patients with absolutely the latest and most advanced dental technology and equipment. The following are just few examples of hi-tech dental services that we offer:

Laser Dentistry (Waterlase MD)

Waterlase MD™ dental laser — "no shot, no drill" dentistry.
The miracle of laser dentistry is now a reality at Omni Dental. We now offer the Waterlase MD™ by Biolase, the most advanced dental laser in the world.
Our patients can now enjoy the following amazing laser procedures:

  • Cavities treated with laser without drill, without shots with unbelievable precision;
  • Laser gum treatment is absolutely painless with amazing results;
  • Laser root canal treatment;
  • Laser treatment of stomatitis, herpes lesions, oral ulsers, and many other procedures.
The Waterlase MD™ laser takes dentistry to a new level of comfort, precision and extraordinary results.

Doctor Oleg Borshch and Doctor Diana Krinker are fully accredited and certified by the World Laser Clinical Institute and Biolase, Inc.

To experience the benefits of the state-of-the-art laser dental treatment, call us for an appointment at (718)376-8656 now.

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Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography is the latest x-ray technology.
It offers the following advantages over traditional, old-fashioned x-ray film:

  • Instant viewing of your x-ray on computer monitor;
  • 90% reduction in radiation exposure!
  • Unbelievable diagnostic ability and image enhancement;
  • X-ray taking is quicker and more comfortable.
We use "Schick" digital x-ray system – the most advanced system on the market today.

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Cosmetic Imaging

Cosmetic imaging is an amazing dental computer program that allows you to pre-view your new smile on a computer monitor before the actual work is done. You can try in different smile styles to determine the best one to fit your face. This state-of-the-art tool is especially helpful if you are not sure about what kind of smile makeover is right for you.

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Air Abrasion

Air abrasion – the cutting edge, state-of-the-art procedure for treating cavities. No more dreaded drill or injections! We use a controlled stream of air with abrasive particles to remove decay from your teeth without even touching the tooth! No shot is needed because there is no discomfort. There is also no noise or vibration – we don't even touch the tooth, the treatment is done by using air! With air abrasion we can remove only decay, without damaging your healthy tooth making this one of the most conservative treatments.

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Laser Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Laser teeth whitening (bleaching) is an easy and effective way to achieve a brighter and more attractive smile. We offer the latest, 3rd version of the ZOOM! whitening procedure, ZOOM! Advanced Power. Early version of ZOOM! gained popularity on ABC's hit show Extreme Makeover. However, this latest ZOOM! Advanced Power procedure is by far the most effective and comfortable cosmetic whitening treatment today.

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Laser Caries Detection System (Diagnodent)

Laser caries detection system, called Diagnodent, is the major technological achievement in treatment and prevention of cavities. Diagnodent uses a special laser that scans the tooth surface and precisely detects even the smallest cavities, which are impossible to see by eye or on the x-ray. Without this technology small cavities can easily be missed by a dentist, and only discovered when they become larger or begin to hurt. This enables us, using air abrasion (see above), to easily restore the tooth to a 100% healthy condition.

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Computer Controlled Root Canal Treatment

Computer system for root canal treatment is also known as the electronic apex locator.
It offers you the following benefits:

  • precision and accuracy
  • fewer x-ray required
  • no pain or discomfort after the procedure.

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Multimedia Patient Education System (Caesy)

Multimedia patient education system (CAESY). For your convenience we have equipped every treatment room and the reception area with the computer patient education system. This technology allows patient to fully understand treatment options and different cosmetic procedures.

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Electronic Patient Records System

Electronic patient records system. We utilize a specialized dental software program "Eaglesoft", which makes dental records more accessible and convenient. All your records, including photographs and x-rays, are stored electronically and are fully confidential.

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Computer Controlled Injections

Computer controlled anesthesia takes fear and pain out of injections. Computer software calculates specific rate of delivery of anesthetic, which makes injection more comfortable and anesthesia more effective.

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