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Cosmetic Dental Services

Cosmetic dentistry is an art and science of taking an average or an unattractive smile and turning it into a dazzling smiles superstars are known for. Today's cosmetic dentistry can perfect your smile in only 1 or 2 office visits! We provide our patient with absolutely the best and the latest cosmetic services available.

Porcelain veneers
Porcelain veneers will give you a perfect, dazzling smile in only 2 visits. Porcelain veneers are very thin shells of porcelain that applied over your natural teeth and make them look beautiful and absolutely natural. They are extremely durable, will never stain or change color.

Porcelain veneers are an excellent option for people who desire a brighter, cleaner, more attractive smile, but have chipped, stained, discolored, unevenly spaced, or even crooked front teeth. If this sounds like you, we will be glad to help evaluate your specific situation, listen to the exact changes you have in mind, and help you visualize your end results. This complimentary consultation may involve an examination of your teeth, reviewing photos of similar case outcomes, or using a computer imaging program to provide you with several options prior to performing the actual procedure.

Doctor Oleg Borshch has performed numerous smile makeovers utilizing porcelain veneers made of finest ceramic materials. The results are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Afterwards, you'll just need to clean and floss your new smile daily, visit us regularly for professional care and maintenance.

Lumineers by Cerinate
Lumineers by Cerinate is a terrific cosmetic solution for permanently stained, chipped, discolored, misaligned teeth, or even to revitalize old crown and bridgework. LUMINEERS BY CERINATE is a porcelain veneer that can be made as thin as a contact lens and is placed over existing teeth without requiring any removal of tooth structure (unlike traditional veneers.) Luminers can only be made from patented Cerinate porcelain. This revolutionary porcelain is crafted through a proprietary process unavailable anywhere other than the Cerinate Smile Design Studios owned by Den-Mat Corporation. In just two visits to our office, LUMINEERS can provide a custom-made smile clinically proven to last up to 20 years.

Cosmetic bonding
Cosmetic bonding is an amazing procedure that can transform your smile in just 1 office visit! If you're embarrassed about your smile because of decayed, disfigured, or discolored teeth, or if you have spaces between teeth, you may be a good candidate for cosmetic bonding. Using state-of-the-art composite materials and his unique artistic ability, Dr. Borshch can correct almost any smile in only 1 easy appointment. Doctor Oleg Borshch is one of the leading dentists in the field of cosmetic bonding. He has published numerous articles in national and international dental journals on cosmetic bonding, and his expertise in this area is widely recognized in dental community. For more information on Dr. Borshch's publication in journal of Contemporary Esthetics view article "The One-Visit Smile Makeover: An Ultraconservative Approach"

Teeth whitening (bleaching)
Teeth whitening (bleaching) is an easy and effective way to achieve a brighter and more attractive smile. The most popular whitening procedure that we offer is ZOOM!, which gained popularity on ABC's Extreme Makeover. Patients request ZOOM! because they are ready for whiter teeth and want quick results. We offer the latest 3rd version of this amazing whitening procedure, ZOOM! Advanced Power. We also offer traditional home whitening process, which will brighten your smile with custom crafted whitening trays.

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry, or have any questions about improving your smile, visit us for a complimentary cosmetic consultation and speak to Dr. Oleg Borshch about different cosmetic options available for you. This will be unique opportunity to have your smile evaluated by the nationally recognized expert in cosmetic dentistry.

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